Let Me Show You How to Get Top Companies and Influencers to Send You 1000s of Qualified Customers

Our Graduates Have Partnered With:

What if tomorrow morning one of the Top 10 companies in your industry emailed all of their customers about your business?

Think for just a second about how many day-to-day problems would instantly vanish if a respected industry leader sent you a wave of warm, qualified traffic that easily converts into customers:

No more jumping from shiny tactic to shiny tactic, hoping something finally works.

No more pouring time and money into Facebook ads that barely break even.

No more scrounging for every new lead or customer just so you can maintain the status quo.

Think it can’t happen?

I’m about to show you how all kinds of businesses are leaving behind overcomplicated growth strategies and unlocking windfalls of free traffic and customers with a timeless strategy that’s simpler than you might think—partnerships.

You’re going to see:

How an online course creator got one Facebook group to promote her business to 24,000+ of her ideal customers—leading to her biggest day of sales and opt-ins ever.

How a freelance marketing consultant convinced a local business to send one email about him to their list—bringing in hundreds of new subscribers and a retainer client worth $3,000 per month.

And yes, how a random dude from Alabama with no network (AKA me) finally broke through when an industry leader promoted me to 700,000+ people on their email list.

I accidentally stumbled upon an approach to growing my business that most entrepreneurs totally overlook—

even though it’s basically been around as long as businesses have existed…

I accidentally landed my first partnership.

A company called AppSumo featured me on a page about one of their online courses after I told them the course had helped me make my first $1,000 in side income. 

They also sent my story to their 700,000 email subscribers.

To this day, I still get traffic from that one mention. It’s brought in over 4,000 email subscribers and $100,000 in sales.

If that’s not the kind of thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “partnership,” you’re not alone. I honestly didn’t think of it that way at the time either.

Here’s the braindead-simple definition of what a partnership actually is:


A partnership is providing something valuable to someone with an audience or customer base similar to yours, and getting promoted to that audience in return.

They happen every day, and smart entrepreneurs with businesses of all shapes and sizes use them to blow by competitors who are too busy fiddling around with complicated “growth hacks.”

I gave AppSumo perfect material for a case study that made their product look great. They emailed 700,000+ people about it.

Fast forward to today and partnerships are still the #1 strategy we use to increase sales and grow our email lists.

In fact, making partnerships our top priority in 2017 and 2018 grew our email subscriber count from 50 to 600 per day and increased sales by 48%.

You can make partnerships come together fast.

You can see near-instant results from properly executing them.

Unlike crazy complicated tactics like SEO and paid advertising, partnerships are pretty hard to screw up.

“But wait...what would a partnership look like for my business?”

After landing hundreds of partnerships in our own business—and helping coaching clients in a huge variety of industries land hundreds more—we’ve seen partnerships in all shapes and sizes.

We've also learned that there are 3 primary partnership types...

Partnership Type #1:

Live Trainings

Every company or influencer that has an established audience in your industry has the same secret problem: they’re starving for more quality content to feed that audience.

If you have something valuable you can teach (and if you’re in business, you do), you can easily help them fill that void by hosting a live training for their audience. 

A live training can come in all forms:

An online workshop for your partner's email list

A sales webinar for your partner's audience

A speaking engagement at a conference

A Facebook Lives to a niche group or popular page

And more

Live trainings are one of the fastest ways to collect hundreds of free leads and customers who fit your exact target marketing - even if you don't sell anything during the presentation.

I once spent 6 months focusing exclusively on partner webinars to grow our audience. At the beginning, I had 10,000 subscribers on my list. Six months and 22 partner webinars later, I had 25,000 subscribers. That means I averaged 1,136 subscribers per webinar.

Do you know how liberating it feels to only have to think about ONE marketing strategy for 6 months? To be able to finally focus on executing one thing well instead of jumping from shiny object to shiny object?

But I’m not the only one—tons of our graduates have benefited from the exact same type of partnership.

Customer Proof 1:

Marisa Meddin (founder of Talk College To Me) asked Road2College 

if she could host a Facebook Live for their audience of 24,000 followers. 

She got 275 subscribers and 33 sales of her $97 course.

Customer Proof 2:

Cheryl Engelhardt (founder of In the Key of Success) did a speaking gig at the DIY Musician Conference (a top conference in her industry). From that one event she collected 151 email subscribers and sold $10,541 in product. The best part? She can use that same presentation content for multiple partnerships.

That’s how I was able to book and execute 22 partner webinars in a 6-month span. I created one presentation people liked, and then I delivered it again and again.

You can do the same.

(Cheryl speaking on stage at the DIY Musician Conference in Nashville, TN)

(Marisa doing a Facebook Live with Road2College)

Partnership Type #2:

Guest Emailing

If you’ve heard of Guest Blogging, Guest Emailing will sound awfully familiar.

The key difference? Guest Emailing requires a fraction of the work and produces 10x the results. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Find someone with an audience or customer base similar to yours.

Step 2

Ask them to email your lead magnet (or white paper, resource guide, free tool, etc.) to their audience.

Step 3

In exchange, offer to email one of their lead magnets (or white paper, resource guide, free tool, etc.) to your audience.

It’s incredibly simple, but I’m continually shocked at how effective it is for rapidly getting fresh eyeballs on your business.

For example, when we launched Drip Scripts (our free tool for writing email sequences) we didn’t have to depend on the usual laundry list of tactics to make our launch week a success. I wasn’t sitting there sweating over cost-per-lead numbers in Facebook or waiting for people to share it on Twitter.

Why? Because weeks before the launch we secured a Guest Emailing partnership with an email software company called Infusionsoft. In the first week alone, it brought us 2,200 new email subscribers.

But you don’t have to snag a big company like Infusionsoft to see an instant impact on your leads and sales. Check out what two of our students were able to accomplish when they ran two Guest Emailing partnerships with much smaller companies in their space...

Customer Proof 1:

Alp Turan (a freelancer from Turkey) did a guest emailing partnership with a local brick-and-mortar business in his city and generated 408 email subscribers. Those 408 leads generated a $15,000 project and a $3,000-per-month retainer client.

(Example of the type of email Alps local business

partner sent their customer list.)"

Customer Proof 2:

Ryan McRae is an online course creator who helps people with ADHD live more productive lives. He recently did a guest emailing partnership with Chad Allen (a book publishing expert) that brought in 416 new subscribers and 10 new customers.

(This is the email that Ryan's partner sent promoting

him. It resulted in 415 new subscribers.)

Partnership Type #3:

The Poster Boy Partnership

The Poster Boy Partnership is exactly what I showed you in my earlier story about AppSumo.

To recap: You turn yourself into a case study for a company with a similar customer base—and then watch as they eagerly promote you to those customers.

A Poster Boy Partnership can get your business featured in…

A blog post on your partner’s website

An email to your partner’s list

A section of your partner’s product page

A presentation at your partner’s conference

Your partner’s podcast

Your partner’s YouTube channel

Your partner’s Instagram

And more

It gives you instant credibility, quality relationships with people you admire, and a permanent foot-in-the-door for all kinds of additional partnerships in the future.

Customer Proof 1:

I listened to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast for years. When I started getting enough income from Videofruit to quit my job, I reached out to Pat and thanked him for helping me accomplish that. 

As a result, not only did Pat respond, but over time, we developed a relationship. He ended up inviting me onto the podcast, featuring me in his book, Will It Fly, and promoting one of my products. Those things got me thousands of email subscribers, but it all started by simply thanking Pat and sharing my small success story with him.

I made myself a Poster Boy for Pat.

(This is a partners workshop I did with Pat that

generated 3,400 new subscribers for us.)

Customer Proof 2:

One of our students, John Meese, did exactly the same thing. John was a big fan of Ray Edwards (a copywriting coach) and had implemented a lot of Ray’s teachings to grow his online course and consulting sales. 

When John shared a few of his wins with him, Ray started using John as an example throughout his marketing and teaching material.

Those mentions alone sent John over 500 new email subscribers and kickstarted his list growth.

(John was able to leverage partnerships to grow his list

and have a $10,000 launch.)

10 other types of partnerships that we have seen work well...

Outside of those 3 categories, there are still tons of more types of partnerships we’ve seen businesses succeed with, like:

Guest Posts

When you know what to look for and what to avoid, these can still work really well.

Podcast Interviews

Be a guest on popular podcasts in your industry and return the favor if you have a podcast of your own.

Virtual Summits

Take your unique skills and expertise and be a guest speaker on someone else's virtual summit.

In-Person Speaking Engagements

Teach a workshop or be a keynote speaker at a conference.


Give away something your target audience would love to have and get others to promote it.

Product Bundles

Package your products with someone else’s as part of a deal you both promote.

Be the Bonus

Give larger businesses content they can use as a free bonus for customers who buy their products.

JV / Affiliate Marketing

Probably the only partnership I’d describe as “complicated,” but it works incredibly well in the right circumstances.

Discount Swaps

Both partners offer their customers an exclusive deal on each other’s products or services

Inclusion on Preferred Partner/Vendor Pages

Super simple way to drive organic traffic without any work.

In fact, when students pursue any of the 3 primary types of partnerships we described earlier, they often lead to additional partnership opportunities like these.

What are some more example of real people using partnerships to grow their business?

We’ve seen entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and industries grow their businesses with partnerships. Here are just a few more recent examples:


Damon Wilson

Damon runs LAX Goalie Rate, an online training business that helps lacrosse goalies improve. 

Damon has gotten nearly every major professional lacrosse goalie to promote him for free on their Instagram channels after he interviews them on his podcast, resulting in 100s of new leads and customers. 


Sarah Perry

Sarah runs an ecommerce shop for book lovers called Thornfield Hall Designs. 

Within 24 days, she found a physical product business to partner with at a local festival. 

Together, they ran a giveaway that brought in 100s of new leads.


Nick True

Nick runs a financial blog called Mapped Out Money. He landed his first partner within 21 days by pitching a guest emailing partnership to a major influencer in his industry. 

All it took was a few emails to nail down the promotion details—no complicated pitch process or painful back and forth.


Sue Anne Dunlevie

Sue Anne runs a marketing education site called Successful Blogging. She landed her first partnership within 13 days by teaming up with a small company in her industry on a partner webinar. 

The results? Sue Anne picked up 210 new subscribers, booked 14 sales calls, and to date has converted 1 of those into a high-ticket coaching client.

“Why on earth would any company want to partner with me?”

The worst lie you can tell yourself is that you have

nothing to offer potential partners in return. 

Even if you have zero email subscribers and no influence in your industry, there are multiple things you can offer that will make companies jump at the chance to partner with you.

So they can provide more value to their audience without having to create new content. This is why companies love bringing in outsiders for partner webinars, Facebook Lives, Instagram takeovers, podcast interviews, and more. If you can teach something (and if you have a business or are starting one, you can), you can make a partner’s life SO much easier by making yourself available to their audience. 

Even if you have no audience of your own, your partner will be able to strengthen their relationship with their audience thanks to the valuable content you deliver.

So they can showcase your success to their own potential customers. This is what makes the Poster Boy partnership work so well. Companies are always hungry for case studies. If you can be a case study (which, again, requires zero email subscribers or audience), you can get companies to promote you to their customers.

So you will link to their site. You’d be surprised what many of your potential partners are willing to do in exchange for you linking to one of their popular blog posts or products from your site. Backlinks are highly valuable to businesses (even if your audience is small). 

And since we at Videofruit help you land partnerships with people and companies you actually admire, you end up linking to things you’re happy to promote.

So they get more followers, customers, and subscribers. This one is obvious, but most entrepreneurs keep telling themselves their audience isn’t big enough to attract partners LONG after it’s no longer true. At every level of audience size—whether you have 500 email subscribers or 5,000—you can find partners who would love to have the exposure you can provide. 

We’ve seen people with less than 1,000 subscribers land Guest Emailing partnerships that grew their list by 10% overnight.

Vanity. At the end of the day, your potential partners are human. And that means they love seeing other people talk about them. Neglect this universal truth at your own peril.

The truth is, ANYONE can find partners who will promote them for free, whether you just started yesterday or already have 10,000 subscribers and a decent-size business. 

And by the way, have you noticed that none of the partnerships I’ve described so far require you to pay one dime to a partner in exchange for promotion?

This isn’t about paying some Instagram influencer $50,000 to pretend to love your product for a week.

That kind of partnership might be right for some businesses, but if you’re like me you’re much more interested in partnerships that:

Cost $0 to execute

Are built on authentic feelings of admiration between you and your partner

Lead to genuine relationships that often open doors to opportunities you never would have imagined.

These opportunities exist and they’re accessible to everyone. Most of the time, all you have to do is ask.

“But how am I actually going to pitch people?

What do I even say?”

Does the idea of asking people to partner with you seem scary? 

If so, that's totally normal.

You know what makes pitching a whole lot easier? Having a simple, step-by-step system to follow instead of having to guess your way through it.

No more wondering what to say. No more worrying about coming off pushy or weird-sounding. No more second-guessing every line of an outreach email.

You don't have to be a world-class sales person to secure a partnership. 

Just follow our simple 2-part Anchor & Ask formula to write a pitch that gets opened and responded to:

Do you see anything that looks like "selling" in that email? Nope. That's because you only need to do 2 things to successfully pitch a partner:

Anchoring is about building trust. Which is really just a fancy way of saying you need to prove you are not a weirdo and that they should listen to what you are about to say. 

A few commons anchor points:

1. You are a customer.

2. You are an avid consumer of their content.

3. You have promoted their content in the past.

4. You have a mutual friend.

There 12 primary anchor points. But you get the point. 

The vast majority of outreach emails inside of your potential partner's inbox are garbage. Standing out is actually not that difficult.

Anchor them.

Ask—don’t sell.

This is where most pitch emails go wrong. 

People get near the end and think they need to “close” or be super slick and persuasive to seal the deal.

Forget that, all you need to do is get them to take the next step.

And that comes down to making a simple ask. 

Notice how uncomplicated the ask is in the example. There’s no pressure. No advanced psychology or ninja persuasion techniques.

If you can follow simple steps to write emails like the one above, you can land partnerships.

“Would partnerships even work for my business?”

It’s easy to understand how and why partnerships work. But if you’re wondering whether they would work for your specific business, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common questions people have.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to find out.

Grade Yourself with Our Partnership Checklist

Go through the list below. If one of the items applies to you, give it a check! At the end, we’ll tell you if partnerships would work for you.

You want to grow your email list and increase revenue.

You are frustrated with paid ads or other complicated strategies and want something that actually works. 

You run an online course or ecommerce company and want to increase sales by 35% by the end of the year.

You are a freelancer, you don’t want to keep fighting to get clients, and you’d die to have clients finally start approaching YOU for projects instead of the other way around.

You have no product or service yet, but you’re ready to finally get traction and figure out your offer.

You can envision how having a large, warm audience could grow your business.

You’re ready to start converting leads into customers with a fraction of the usual effort.

Did you check 2 or more boxes? If so, partnerships will absolutely work for your business—regardless of your industry.

Why? Because every business can benefit from a stream of prospects who have been primed to buy from them.

According to Nielsen, customers that come to you via referrals are 4x more likely to buy.

What kind of difference can partnerships make for your business?

Launching an online course?

Selling it to a stream of warm customers who just heard how awesome you are takes off a ton of the pressure.

Need better freelance clients?

Imagine not having to bend over backwards to convince prospects you’re credible because someone they trust already did the convincing for you.

Want to stop depending on paid traffic?

Knowing how to land partnerships gives you the luxury of steady, qualified referral traffic anytime you need it. Forget struggling to find the right target audiences, waiting weeks to find out if campaigns are profitable or not, and then barely breaking even.

Need more eyeballs on your content?

Partnerships unleash an army of ideal customers hungry to dive in and share your blog posts or videos with their friends.

Sick of low-converting webinars and email funnels?

If your traffic is already primed to buy from you, you don’t need to be the world’s greatest salesperson or have a 20-part, mega-sophisticated funnel in order to get the best conversion rates you’ve ever seen.

We want to work directly with you so you can land your first marketing partnership in 4 weeks or less.

You’re already working your butt off to grow your business. Partnerships are the fuel that will make all that hard work finally turn into measurable growth you can see.

If that sounds exciting to you, then I want to invite you to something unlike anything we’ve ever done before...


A 4-Week Boot Camp Where We Will Find and Pitch Your Ideal Partners and Get You a Guaranteed YES

(or Your Money Back)


Here’s the truth: If you want results, you don’t need another online course. You need action.

There comes a point for almost every entrepreneur where it takes more than a collection of one-size-fits-all videos to meet your goals.

That’s why Partnership Accelerator is a high-touch, limited program where you can get the hands-on guidance, 1:1 feedback, and accountability you need in order to make a big leap fast. 

For 4 weeks, we will personally walk you and a small group of 49 other entrepreneurs through identifying your ideal partners, booking your first partnership, and setting up a recurring system that gets your business in front of thousands of your future customers. 

Each week we’ll focus on one specific deliverable that will bring you closer to landing your partnership. 

This will be nothing like typical online training, where you spend most of the time learning instead of executing. In Partnership Accelerator, you will be 100% focused on doing.

And that goes for me too! Along the way, we’ll dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of your business, put on our VP of Marketing hat, and give you the 1:1 feedback you need to succeed.

Your Partnership Accelerator Dashboard: 

a place to take action, not just watch videos

Here’s what you’ll get during our 4 weeks together:

Done-For-Your Pitch And Partner Search

(AKA Us Rolling Up Our Sleeves and Helping You with the Dirty Work) 

After I’ve gotten to know your business, our coaching team will identify your first potential partner and give you a detailed brief on the exact type of partnership you should pursue with them. But we won’t stop there, we will even draft the initial pitch email you will send them, so you’ll be able to generate instant momentum.

3 “Get Stuff Done” Sessions Per Week

Every week, we’ll meet on 3 live calls designed to do one thing: get stuff done. This is where we’ll get you started on your action steps for the week, answer questions, and help you work through any challenges you encounter.

1 Project Per Week

You’ll complete 1 “bite-sized” project that will move you closer to the ultimate goal every week. In addition to the work you accomplish on the group calls, you’ll also get a detailed walkthrough doc that shows you how to complete everything step-by-step.

Small Groups to Keep You Accountable

Sitting alone at your computer watching course videos in silence doesn’t work. The 50 members of your Partnership Accelerator class will be teamed up in small groups of 10. 

Your small group will review your work each week and provide feedback and accountability.

Private 1:1 Fast Track

Coaching Call

At the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll have a private 1:1 call with one of our coaches, Bryan Harris and Andy Traub, to make sure you have the systems and confidence you need to continue landing partnerships that grow your business. We’ll answer any questions you have and leave you with an action plan for the next 90 days.

Our goal isn’t just to help you land your first partnership—it’s also to make sure you keep stacking increasingly valuable partnerships up for yourself, one after the other, long after the program is over.

You won’t have to worry about where the next burst of growth is coming from because you’ll have sustainable channels of warm partnership traffic available to you anytime you need them.

One Heck of a Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t walk away from these 4 weeks with a booked partnership, we’ll give you your money back. When we say you’ll get a “guaranteed yes,” we mean it. We will even find your first potential partner, write your first pitch email and work alongside you the entire time.  

Here’s Exactly What You'll Do During Each Week of Partnership Accelerator

The first step to landing a high-impact partnership is identifying the 100 potential partners who would be a perfect fit for your business. These are the companies and influencers that have audiences filled with your ideal customers. 

WEEK #1 (AUG 5-9)

Identifying Your 100 Dream Partners

Partnership Accelerator will run from August 5-30, 2019. Here’s an overview of exactly what you’ll work on, and the deliverables you’ll have at the end of each week.

The 7 places to look for partners that are already serving your target customers

How to quickly identify which potential partners would have the biggest immediate impact on growing your business

Key red flags that will help you avoid wasting time on partnerships that won’t move the needle

Once you’ve identified your target list of 25 dream partners, you’ll nail down the type of partnership that would work best for each of your top 3 targets. 

We’ll also show you the tried-and-tested pitch scripts we’ve spent years refining based on our interactions with hundreds of partners.

By the end of the week, you’ll have written and sent bulletproof pitch emails to your top 3 targets (including one we’ll personally write for you). Along the way, you’ll learn:

WEEK #2 (AUG 12-16)

Pitching Your First 3 Partners

The 3 primary types of partnerships and how to decide which one would work best for your unique business and industry

How to write a pitch email that isn’t weird or aggressive and gets opened by your future partner

How to seem valuable to partners even when their audience or customer base is 20x bigger than yours

How to avoid getting trapped in the dreaded “We’ll think about it” territory so you can quickly advance the conversation once your partner indicates interest

Getting someone to agree to a partnership is great, but the key to maximizing the leads and sales it generates is making sure your partner promotes you the right way. 

In Week 3, we’ll show you exactly how to negotiate and lock in your partner’s promotion plans without coming off pushy or sabotaging the relationship. You’ll learn:

Locking in Your Partner’s Promo Plan

How to create a promotion plan that guarantees your partnership will be a hit—for you and your partner

How to run partnerships in a way that doesn’t require affiliate splits or icky reciprocal promotions that make you feel like you’re spamming your audience

Exactly what to say so your partner will commit to promoting you in a meaningful way—you will NOT have to settle for a couple of half-hearted tweets or a tiny mention near the bottom of one of their emails

WEEK #3 (AUG 19-23)

Week 4 is all about sealing the deal with your partner and setting yourself up for additional partnerships with them down the road. 

We’ll walk you through every step between the nailing down the finer points of the promotion and getting a rock-solid commitment from your partner—and then what to do during and after the partnership. You’ll learn:

Getting Your First “Yes” and Setting Yourself Up for More

The word-for-word emails you should send your partner throughout the partnership to keep things on track and avoid any mishaps (making the partnership easy for them is the best thing you can do to land additional partnerships)

How to “stairstep” your first partnership into bigger and better promotions with the same partner

How to turn a one-off partnership into an evergreen acquisition channel that continues sending you leads long after the initial promotion ends (this is how we continue to get leads from partners years after they’re done promoting us)

WEEK #4 (AUG 26-30)

Totally overlooked by 90% of people trying to execute partnerships? You better believe it.

But putting in the time to have a well-curated target list makes all the difference between landing a truly impactful partnership and writing a guest post for a blog that never emails it to their audience and sends you zero new customers.

By the end of the Week 1, you’ll have a perfectly targeted list of partners with the potential to realistically send you hundreds or thousands of customers. You’ll learn:

Sounds basic? Sure.

Each of the 4 weeks of Partnership Accelerator will feature 3 live group coaching calls that follow this structure:

Each live coaching session will be at 3:30 Central time (and recorded in case you can’t be there live)



We’ll teach you the core concept of the week and you’ll be able to ask questions.


Over-the-Shoulder Tutorial

You’ll watch as we implement the concept you learned on Monday step-by-step.


Workshop Together 

You’ll have a small group work session where everyone makes progress on the weekly bite-sized project. You’ll be able to ask questions in real-time as you run into any bumps or roadblocks. It’s built-in accountability and action.

Did I Mention We Find and Pitch Your First Partner for You?

Imagine it’s halfway through Week 1 of Partnership Accelerator.

You’ve been making steady progress on your list of dream partners. You check your inbox in the morning and find an email from me containing a hand-groomed list of 3 target partners researched specifically with your business in mind.

Like this one:

(This is an example of an actual partner introduction and pitch we sent to one of our students.)

In addition to this partner briefing we also write a 100% custom pitch email...

That’s right—we will personally research ideal partners for your business and then write your first pitch email for you at no extra cost.

If you’re willing to show up and do the work to land your first partnership, we will stop at nothing to get your first partnership secured.

Bryan Harris 

& Andy Traub,


At this point, I’ve spent enough time talking about myself. :)

All you need to know is I’ll be there every week to hold you accountable and help you make progress toward landing your partnership.

But joining me in the Partnership Accelerator will be one of the best entrepreneurs and coaching I've ever worked with - Andy Traub

For over a decade Andy Traub has adjusted to the ever-changing digital landscape by creating a variety of products and services. Now he’s bringing that expertise to Growth Tools. He was podcasting a decade ago, published his own book (and sold over 10K copies), and has been featured on the Dave Ramsey's show and in Forbes Magazine.

He lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife of 13 years, their three kids, and a fat pug named Zeek.

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

You’ll Get Your First Partnership in 4 Weeks or We’ll Give You a Full Refund

When we first came up with the concept for Partnership Accelerator, we asked ourselves one question: “What would we build if we wanted to guarantee student success?”

We didn’t care about selling the most units or creating something that could scale to tens of thousands of people at the same time. If we wanted to do that, we would've just built another online course.

Partnership Accelerator is the anti-course. It’s for people who want to build focused action directly into their schedule. It’s for people who would rather have results than just get access to more training.

There are only 2 possible outcomes if you’re accepted into Partnership Accelerator:

Outcome #1:

You succeed. You land your first partnership. You see measurable, impactful growth in your business. 

Outcome #2:

You haven't landed a partnership by the end of the 4 weeks. We give you a full refund.

You’ll also be able to credit your $500 tuition toward a 12-month 1:1 coaching program as well.

I’ve seen partnerships make such a massive difference for businesses enough times to know that you don’t have to be special to get them to work.

You just need the right approach, the right guidance, and enough focus to do the work.

That’s why I’m confident enough to guarantee your success.

If you’re willing to do the work with me, I’m willing to take all the risk.

Apply for Partnership Accelerator Today and Secure Your Spot Before Enrollment Closes.

We’re accepting 50 people into the fifth-ever Partnership Accelerator program, which will run from August 5th, 2019 - August 30th, 2019.

If you’d like to be considered, click the “Apply Now” button below and fill out our application before enrollment closes at 11:59 PM PST on Friday, July 5.

We’ll review applications on a first-come-first-served basis, so get yours in fast if you want the best shot at securing one of our limited 50 spots!

After your application is submitted, we’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted within 7 days.

Only 50 Spots Available!

Enrollment Closes In…


Your Spot in

Partnership Accelerator

Your first partnership booked or your money back

4 weeks of live coaching and training

Recording of every live training

Done-for-you partner research and pitch email

Weekly projects and accountability

1:1 fast track phone call with your coach

(A 20% refundable deposit is required upon application)

Single Payment


What’s It Like to Get Hands-On Coaching in Partnership Accelerator?

This is our fifth open-to-the-public Partnership Accelerator class, and we’ve spent the previous two honing in the process and testing different strategies with over 100 entrepreneurs. Here’s what a few of them had to say about the experience.

Nick True

(PA Beta Student)

“I love the style of hyperfocus for 4 weeks and constant reminders to take action. It’s been literally exactly what I was hoping for. 

The frameworks for thinking partnerships through have been invaluable. I got me first ’yes’ to a partnership on day 16.”

Tasia Barriero

(PA Beta Student)

“This has been an eye-opening experience. I got my first ’yes’ to a partnership on day 13. The level of support I’ve received is something I’ve never had with any program I’ve purchased in the past. I have to give a special shout-out to Bryan and Will for the guidance received so far. 

Partnership Accelerator is the tool I needed to help me reach my goals much faster."

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time will I need to have available each week of the program?

Each week, you’ll need to spend about 5 to 10 hours working on your business. If you’re not serious enough yet to make that modest commitment, Partnership Accelerator won’t be a good fit for you.

2. What happens if I join but don’t land a partnership?

One of the unique things about Partnership Accelerator is we guarantee your success. If you put in the work but don’t land a partnership by the end of the 4 weeks, we’ll give you a full refund. You’ll also have the option to credit your $500 tuition toward a 12-month 1:1 coaching program.

That’s part of the reason why we require that you apply to join Partnership Accelerator. In the extremely rare event that we don’t think your business could grow from partnerships, we’ll be up-front and tell you instead of admitting you to the program.

3. What if I can’t attend some of the live calls?

Since our live calls are action-oriented, we do encourage you to attend as many of them as possible. However, we also get that sometimes stuff happens. You’ll have access to recordings of everything, so you’ll be able to revisit the calls and catch up in your own time if you can’t make a few.

4. What are the program dates?

Partnership Accelerator lasts for 4 weeks starting August 5, 2019. You’ll have 3 scheduled meetings each week and weekly projects to ensure your progress and keep you on track.

Join Me and 49 Hungry Entrepreneurs for the Most Productive, Focused Month You’ve Ever Spent Working on Your Business

When you’re trying to grow, finding time to focus on work that will truly move the needle feels impossible. 

Everything feels urgent—whether it actually matters to the big picture or not.

It’s SO easy to end up burning yourself out with day-to-day tasks that do nothing but maintain the status quo instead of creating the kind of business you actually want to have.

The right plan changes all of that.

The right plan forces you to prioritize the work that matters. The work that will make a difference in the long run.

The right plan keeps you accountable.

Imagine going into next month knowing that it will be totally free of the guesswork and distractions that always creep in when you don’t have a plan to follow. Imagine what it would feel like to finally give yourself the space to do focused, purposeful work on your business.

With Partnership Accelerator, you’ll never waste time wondering what to do next. You won’t have to worry about picking the wrong strategy.

You’ll have me in your corner ready to answer questions whenever you have them. We’ll even be researching partners and writing a pitch for you!

Beyond that, you’ll have a tight-knit group of like-minded high-achievers there to keep you accountable and encouraged.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be as lonely as it often feels.

This is your chance to join me and 49 other action-takers who are ready to follow a proven, repeatable plan for getting an instant influx of high-quality leads and sales.

Are you ready? If so, I can’t wait to meet you!

Apply Now for Our Fifth-Ever Partnership Accelerator

Reminder, Partnership Accelerator will run from August 5th-30th, 2019.

If you’d like to be considered, click the “Apply Now” button on the right and fill out our application before enrollment closes at 11:59 PM PST on Friday, July 5.

We’ll review applications on a first-come-first-served basis, so get yours in fast if you want the best shot at securing one of our limited 50 spots!

After your application is submitted, we’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted within 7 days.

Only 50 Spots Available!

Enrollment Closes In…


Your Spot in

Partnership Accelerator

Your first partnership booked or your money back

4 weeks of live coaching and training

Recording of every live training

Done-for-you partner research and pitch email

Weekly projects and accountability

1:1 fast-track phone call with your coach

(A 20% refundable deposit is required upon application)

Single Payment


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